About Us

Welcome to Berlin Seeds!

We are committed to providing you with a bountiful selection of premium seeds, soil food, garden tools and home goods. We take seeds seriously. Seed quality is a top priority, our seeds are stored in climate controlled environment and germ tested. Healthy soil is one key to a productive garden and tasty, satisfying harvests. We bring you the best soil amendments and fertilizers so you can feed your soil with the best. Fertile soil makes gardening as fun and rewarding as it should be. Our Garden and Home tool selection is focused on being practical. We have a combination of old-fashioned and modern tools, that help you get from seed to spoon without "breaking your back or the bank”.

An online store is coming in the next few months. For now, download our catalog and have a look around and give us a call or email with your orders. Our new catalog will be mailing in December. Make sure you sign up for it early. Thank you for growing with Berlin Seeds!

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